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Mid States Hockey



All high school players who registered for evaluations have been placed into one of three groups outlined below.  These groups are effective immediately for all practices/evals. Some JV players may be asked to join Varsity practices or games during the preseason or regular season; the Varsity roster can continue to change up until playoffs begin or until all of the 30-man roster spots are filled. 

Players in the Varsity & JV Red groups below will be assigned to a roster unit within SportsEngine so families can utilize the calendar sync functionality for upcoming practices/games.  Please see the SportsEngine help page on our website for instructions and tips.  The Varsity group will skate on Mon, 9/11/23 and the JV Red group will skate on Tue, 9/12/23.

Players in the JV White group below will have one additional evaluation this week on Wed, 9/13 at 4:20PM.  Player selections will be made following that evaluation session and players will then be assigned to a roster unit within SportsEngine so families can utilize the calendar sync functionality for upcoming practices/games. Please see the SportsEngine help page on our website for instructions and tips.

Players are expected to communicate any conflicts with their availability to their coaches, as well as updating their availability within SportsEngine for any practices or games they cannot attend. 

Further instructions for getting players registered with MidStates and with Chaminade Hockey for the 2023-2024 season will be forthcoming soon. Reminder that any players with birth years 2005 or 2006 must complete their Safesport training before they can be added to any team rosters.  There is a section published on the home page of our website with instructions and a link to the Safesport training site.

MidStates won't publish the game schedules for the league until mid to late October. In past seasons, we receive approximately a week or less notice for the first game so please be on the lookout for additional communications around that timeframe.  

*updated Sun, 9/10/23 @ 9:30PM


The Evaluation/Try-out process and rosters….

High School hockey rostering is a different process than with club hockey. Club teams set their rosters following their evaluation/try-out process, usually of 15-20 players. USA Hockey and Mid-States allow high school teams to carry an “open roster” of up to 30 players on each varsity team until the start of playoffs. That being said, high schools have the luxury of using the next few months to continuously evaluate players and move them between teams until they reach the maximum of 30 players on each team.

Chaminade Hockey uses the first few weeks each season as “evaluations/try-outs” to break all of our players into 3 groups (Frozen Varsity, Swing, and Junior Varsity). Following our “evaluation/try-out” skates, practice ice times are designated Varsity or Junior Varsity. Players in the Varsity and Swing groups will skate at Varsity practices/games. Players in the Swing and Junior Varsity groups will skate at the respective Junior Varsity practices/games.

Due to additional growth within the Chaminade Hockey program, we began rostering two JV teams - JV Red and JV White. At any point up until the playoffs, a player may move from a Junior Varsity group to Swing or from the Swing group to Frozen Varsity.  However, no players are allowed to shift between the two JV teams. 

Chaminade Hockey, as well as every other team in Mid-States, uses this to their advantage. This process allows players to compete throughout the season for the open spots on the Varsity roster. It allows us to reward players that work hard, are dedicated, and are having success in practices and games. It also allows us to roster enough players in the event of conflicts. USA Hockey allows us to dress a max of 20 players per game and coaches will communicate the dress lists prior to each game.

Coaches for the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are in constant communication with each other as to where players fit and as to where players will help each team succeed. If at any point, you are unaware of your sons status in the organization, please contact a coach for explanation.

Other notes…..

To be eligible for Varsity playoffs, a player must compete in twelve (12) Varsity games or a combined seventeen (17) Varsity and Junior Varsity league games

To be eligible for Junior Varsity playoffs, a player must compete in 50% of the Junior Varsity league games. 

A Swing player automatically becomes Frozen Varsity once they have accumulated 30 points combined in Varsity and Junior Varsity league games. 

Players missing games due to injury may be cleared by Mid-States for playoffs with a doctors note.

Message from Mid-States League Office

The following players are missing paperwork and until it has been turned in are ineligible to play: