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Mid States Hockey

SportsEngine Help

Getting the SportsEngine App

  1. Go to the App Store and download the SportsEngine App
  2. Login with the SportsEngine/CCP Hockey account you used to register your player(s)
  3. Once logged in, you should see all the teams your player(s) are assigned to.  This should say "MY TEAM".  If it says "FAN", this means this login email and the email used in the SportsEngine account is not associated with the player registered. Be sure to login with the same email address that was used to register your player in the current program.

Tips for Using SportsEngine

We manage our practices, games and communications through SportsEngine (SE), the system you used to register for the season.  To access the Team page & Calendar, you must be logged into SportsEngine using the account you used to register your child for the season, or be linked to your child. You will also be able to sync the schedule with your calendar.  Please always use your EXISTING SportsEngine Account and existing player record to register. Do not set up a new account or player record as it will cause rostering and team notification problems.  Below are some helpful links to get the most out of your experience. 

Please note, that some parents may not see their child's team or calendar in the SE App. If you do not see your team's calendar please try the following:

  • make sure you are logged in to SportsEngine with the correct account, which is the account you used to register your child for the current season;
  • ensure you are linked to your child's profile (see below for adding a parent/guardian);
  • update SE to this season's team for your child

How to Add a Guardian to your SportsEngine Profile

If you have more than one person who needs access to update player availability in the SE app (could be a parent, guardian or player themselves), you must add that additional person/email address as a 'guardian' account within your SportsEngine profile:

  1. Login to your SportsEngine Account at on a laptop or desktop (not a phone or tablet).  You need to go to the non-mobile version of the website
  2. Go to Household  in the menu on the left side
  3. Click on the PLAYER profile
  4. You will see who are the current guardians.  You will be able to add more guardians here.  Note that adding a guardian will send an invitation to newly added guardian and he or she will have to accept the invite.  If the newly added guardian does not have a SportsEngine account, he/she  may need to create a SportsEngine account using the email address the invite was sent to.
  5. Once accepted, the newly added guardian should be able to see what you see in the SportsEngine App

Please see this page for instructions on how to do this:


The simple answer is this....Chaminade Hockey uses SportsEngine and the MidStates Hockey League also uses SportsEngine.  When you register your player for a Chaminade Hockey team, we add your player to that roster within our SportsEngine but the league also adds your player to their SportsEngine.  Thus, you may see 2 entries for what really is the same team in your app.  

You are welcome to keep both teams visible in your app but just know that the MidStates version will only show games.  In order to see the practice schedule for this team, you will need to access the one that has the name that starts with 'CCP' as those are the Chaminade Hockey installations and those will contain both practices and games. 

If you would prefer not to see the MidStates version, you can remove that 'team' from your view in the app.  Just be sure you remove the one that is named as 'Chaminade', all spelled out. 


The club and teams need to be able to communicate with parents for important league or team updates. If you are opted out of messaging, you won't receive these updates. You are in control of whether you're going to receive these updates. To ensure you do, make sure you set up your notification settings to receive these messages. You can also opt to receive an alert via text that you received a message.

From the website:

  1. From your account settings (Login, click on username), click on Settings in the left menu panel.

  2. Under your profile settings, you'll see Notification settings. SportsEngine will display every "Network" that your user account is tied to. CCP Hockey will show up along with others you may belong to for other activities.

  3. For each email address you have, make sure the box is checked for CCP Hockey.

  4. Optionally, you may choose to receive an alert via text when you receive a message. This setting won't provide the message via text but will provide you a link to read the message from a text message alert.

  5. Once completing this step, coaches will see you as "Opted In" for messaging.

From the Mobile App:

From the mobile app you cannot modify whether you receive messages - this must be done through the website. However, you can control your mobile app notification settings which is also important.

  1. Click on the Gear in the Upper Right Corner of the screen

  2. Click on Notification Settings

  3. Click on the Team Name you want to update notification settings for

  4. Make sure you are set up to receive Game and Event Updates, Game and Event Reminders, and Media updates on posts, news articles, and photos.